A while ago I decided that I needed some more JavaScript/AJAX experience, and what better way to get it than to use it to solve an existing problem.

Every now and then my apartment hosts karaoke nights, we have a lot of songs, enough to fill a 4-inch binder. Searching for songs was a pain. In order to find the song’s ID code to give to the DJ you must search through pages of songs and artists that were in no particular order. I decided to fix this problem with my skill set, so I created DJQueue. DJQueue is a collection of hacked together PHP, JavaScript, and SQL magic.

Since most party attendees have a smartphone, the interface is entirely mobile. Users can choose their own alias, which often is not their real name; especially if they are … not so good. From there on searching and enqueueing songs stored in the database is all AJAX. As guests search the song list and select songs they want they are added the the current queue and the new song appears on a separate interface for the DJ.

All code is open source and freely available on Github!