This is about a piece of software I wrote over a year ago to fit a need I had at the time. It probably will not receive any updates but I have released the source to anyone is free to do as they please with it.


PHPRepo is a PHP CMS for managing Debian package repositories. A while ago I wanted to start my own repository for some of my own packages, so I looked for an easy way to do this. I found none. At the time the only way to run and manage a Debian package repository was through apt at the command line, and since at the time I was learning PHP I decided to write my own software to fill this void. Thus I created PHPRepo. PHPRepo has very minimal requirements and can work alongside an existing repository that is managed with apt.


Installation is as easy as it gets for a PHP app. There are no databases to configure, as it used the Debian repository files as its database. Simply upload the phprepo files to the root of your web-server and edit the config file with a user name and password you wish to use.

Also, if you want the ability to manage the repository in addition to view it in your web browser then make sure the user on your server that the web-server is running under has read and write permission to the repository files.

Screenshot Tour

My screenshots are for a repository that already has a few packages in it. If you are making a repository from scratch you will not be able to see as much.

PHPrepo main screen

Above is the main screen. You can see a tree list structure of all of your repositories, components, and architectures.

PHPrepo repository list

Above you can see the list of all repositories on the system.

PHPRepo repository detail

Clicking on a repository brings you to the repository page; shown above. It will list all of the packages in the repository.

PHPrepo search

One very nice feature is the ability to search from a web browser.

PHPrepo add upload

If you choose to use PHPRepo to manager your repository, the above screen will allow you to add/upload packages to your repository. Simply select the file, distribution, and component. If the distribution or component that you want does not exist you can create it. All details about the package such as name, arch, etc are read from the deb file upon upload. Its like magic!

PHPRepo package view

If you click on a package you will be taken to the screen above. This page lets you view the details of the package. You can also manually downland the deb file, or a Maemo .install file. You can also manage the file by deleting its entry in the repository or by deleting the entry and remove the actual file from the server.

PHPRepo Delete file from repo

If you choose to delete a file you will see the above screen asking if you are sure.

PHPrepo Delete entire repository

The above screen is for deleting an entire repository, and all packages associated with it.


As stated before, I made this program over a year ago to fill a void. And I was rather surprised that nothing like this already existed. In any case the program and its source code can be downloaded from its project hosted at Google Code.

PHPRepo at Google Code