SMS DOS Screenshot

A while ago I wondered how well modern cellphones could handle a flood of text messages. So I created a simple python program to test just that. The program works by sending emails to a SMS Gateway which will forward the message to the phone in the form of a text message.

I tested my program on two devices, my modern HTC Incredible running Android and my aging LG Chocolate dumb-phone. The results where surprising! After starting the program my HTC Incredible froze after receiving the first 20 messages. A battery pull was required to get it to respond. The second it finished booting it froze again! I was only able to make it respond by stopping my program and rebooting the phone. After it boot it froze again while catching up on all the messages that where sent.

My LG Chocolate was another story. While it never froze, it did make the phone almost impossible to use. 10 times a second it would display a notification of the new message. But after about 100 messages it just stopped. My program was still sending them but the phone stopped receiving them. I’m not sure if this was done by the phone itself or something on the carrier’s end.

I am releasing the source of this program in case others find it interesting. I claim no responsibility for any damage done by this program. Use at your own risk on devices you own!

Source Code at GitHub

SMS DOS requires PyQt4 for the GUI, it can be installed HERE.